To swim over emptiness 🍦

have you ever felt empty ?

i don’t know how to explain what it feels like
but i can say one thing that its not exactly one of the good ones

but that’s obvious too i guess🍴

i know my blogs have always been fun to read and my rather lame attempts at comedy has surprisingly put a smile on your faces
i know this because obviously you guys have told me
what you guys have also told me is that maybe its time i venture into deeper topics
and here i am on a summer night trying to do exactly that
so consider this as my maiden voyage into the deeper part of the sea


let me get back to the point emptiness
i have felt empty
and get this i have also felt guilty for feeling empty
its because i have no reason to feel empty in the company of amazing people and the best of family and friends
emptiness is the last thing i am or anyone is supposed to feel right ?
but no it creeps in when you least expect it and you feel devoid of any substance
so what do you do then  ?
you can let it engulf you or you can fill that empty void
think of it how you would an empty stomach
what do you do when you are hungry enough to eat a horse?

you eat a damn horse (not in the literal sense of course we are not the walking dead we dont eat horse ) :mrgreen:
but you know what i mean you eat your appetite
and BAM you’re good to go again

same case here this void , the feeling of emptiness you fill it with all the things you love doing or  all the things you always wanted to do but never have

see , am not a life coach or life anything for that reason and also am not here to tell you what to do or advice you because no one in the world knows how to live your life better than you, yourself.

with that said we all need someone to remind us every now and again exactly how amaaaaaazeballls ( that’s me ruining this otherwise *very serious* blogpost) 😇

So consider POSIEDONNA that person :mrgreen:

  YOU are not half as bad that you think you are
so back to the void what i did
is that i went back to reading something i took a long break from , from the start of this year
I also went back to dancing believe me i love to dance but learning how to dance has always been tiring and tedious

but i learned in the most happiest and fulling way what it means that
when you put your heart into something then there’s no going back🍎

see this past week i can undoubtedly say that i had the best time i ever had dancing xD

YES i miss a step now and again but that doesn’t matter, you see when you put your heart into something and give your 100 percent its is bound to work out .
It can’t go any other way and i found the root of my problem
i was always so very self conscious while dancing
and the minute i gave that up
i found it true what everyone said about dancing that is
that it’s freeing and that’s exactly what it is :3
GOING back to reading was like going back home
it’s a pretty far fetched comparison

it’s familiar grounds for me and i think any other bookie would agree

it’s the most comfiest of resorts and by far the most welcoming
it sees to every fancy and want

no i didn’t go head on reading the world classics i started reading game of thrones xD
and without a second thought i can say that GoT has GoT me xD ( SEEEE WHAT I DID THEREEE ??? 😛 )

And now as the final step here i am back to writing ( well technically typing xD )
finding time to put pen to paper or more exactly abusing my laptop’s keypad
but EH xD

what am trying to say is if you ever feeling empty or bad about yourself or balh di blah
don’t just sit there and drown in your own thoughts
instead overcome it fill it with beautiful actions , thoughts and words

OR create ( I don’t mean  creating buildings and machines and complicated shit . I mean art or poetry or whatever floats your boat and  puts a smile on your face ) 🍕🍕🍕

something that you never thought you could
and put all your creative energy into good use
and in that process you might actually find something new about yourself xD

in the end it’s all about self love
i don’t need to tell you it’s a crazy world out there
you’re smart and more than capable to figure it out
but when that world takes every ounce of you and leaves you empty you would know exactly what to do right ?

you’ll always find resort , help and everything more in YOURSELF 🍟

And if you ever need a hand then i am here too 🍯