July 9 marks the 16th birthday of a new found bestie ( here , rayma you got a mention on this blogpost, consider this as your birthday present😌😘)

It also brings to mind my own impending 16th birthday happening in exactly a month’s time ( August 9 :))

Was that a subtle reminder ?
Maybe ,maybe not 
Hmm I guess you’ll never know 😋

Ever since I watched all those cliché Hollywood ,coming to age movies and TV shows
8 or 9 year old me have always wanted to be sixteen .
And when that sixteenth year is oh so near ( RHYME YAY 😙)
I have never been more excited and scared  .
Honestly don’t ask me
how I feel about turning one and six ( like how they say it in westeros 😁)
Cause I might just react to it as if am turning sixty or if you catch me on a particular mood I might just tell you all that I have planned and schemed for the years ahead 🙄

There’s no telling 😌
so  may the odds be ever in your favour ( or not cause I do want to hyperventilate about sixteen being the end of my childhood😌)

I had this idea of how sixteen was supposed to be  when I was 9 … mostly influenced by the west , of course😅

* My history teacher’s western influences lecture has fueled the above statement. 
**Mention of a history teacher cause I took humanities and mass communications 😁😁
and while all you nerds are hogging physics🌀 and chemistry🔥 and trigonometry 📐and all other math and  sciencey things
Imma be here learning scriptwriting and making adaptions and documentaries and also getting judged for taking humanities by family and Friends . But that’s a whole other story for another blogpost😁


The sixteen that I envisioned was getting to goto prom ( a minute silence for this particular not happening in this lifetime dream 😂😂) , having the craziest bitches as friends ( that one I got 😙) and having a Troy and Gabriella ( you STFU , a girl can dream 😶) sort of love and a very happening life ( i wouldn’t say my life is very happening but it’s happening ,and I got no complaints🎯)
That’s something right ? :mrgreen:
And this idea that was instilled in my mind of getting to goto school driving a car (INDIA ,18)😶

Granted I don’t have all of the above mentioned things considering that prom is almost completely impossible 📍

Troy and Gabriella? Buahahahaha 😂😂
That department is burning to shreds and my blank space is going to remain blank unless ranveer singh ( I had to)😁 plans to walk on by and call my name ( GET THE SONG REFERENCE, BIATCH ?? ) 😌😌

Fat chance of that happening. Same with my driving dreams .
Because first of all the little ‘me’,👧
  paid little to no attention about the country which she lived and the way things worked here
And when I was old enough to realise all this I was like heh 😅(I was aiming for a bemused smirk)

But honestly prom and driving mean nothing to me now . 😼
And so does having the perfect high school romance thing .

The thing is once you’ve grown old enough to know exactly what you want in life all your other goals and ideas seem petty and are forgotten 🏃

Granted I do want a Troy and Gabriella ( not gonna let this one go , my apologies:|) sort of thing
But Troy and Gabriella are now replaced by a pair more closer to home
You guessed it
Ranveer singh and deepika padukone 😁😁😁 ( I WAS GONNA DO THIS ALL ALONG 😙)
And much like my main man ranveer I want to have one of those too , right  after I check all of my boxes like university and getting a lot of stamps on my passport and getting a job  that would make waking up on Monday mornings worth the effort and also put a smile on my face 😁
Or whenever it is that prince charming Graces me with his presence😁


SOOO recap 🏃🏃🏃
No prom , no car , no Troy and Gabriella.
It does look like 9 year old would’ve been hella disappointed  right ?
WRONG , things didn’t go the way I wanted it to go but things did go the way it was meant to be 🙌

See , that’s the thing with life
We always want things to go our way and do everything in our power to make all the things in our head realties , which is a good thing , undoubtedly. 👼
But the minute our plans go wayward we tend to lose it and go wayward ourselves. 🙍

You can plan and plan and plan but in the end .
It all works out in the exact way it was meant to .
And it’s upto you
Yes , you 👇👇👇👇
You beautiful crazy anxious magical scared thing 💫
To make the most of it and take it into your own hands and make some lemonade ( the whole lemons thing 🍋)
And leave it to a higher power aka god  😁 ( atheists for you guys , let’s go with the universe 🌐)
To unravel the rest of it , out for you
Because at some point,  like all the super inspirational quotes 😗we see on our feed on a day to day basis say
We have to let go , right ? 🙂


Until then take a chill pill 😂😂
( say it the way kareena said it in Kabhi khushi Kabhi ghum 😛)
Make the most of everything
And you can always l
Come see Poseidonna (me  :oops::mrgreen:)
and we shall sing “I am sixteen going on seventeen”  in all its splendor 💣

The blogger would like to thank all of the readers for suffering and dealing with all the references about ranveer singh- the blogger’s low key infamous object of affection and obsession 🙍

Note : I hope to dear god that you get that, ” I am sixteen going on seventeen” is from ‘the sound of music’ 😐

‘The sound of music’ Is a musical set in world war 2 which captured and continues to capture the hearts of millions who have seen it 🌟