Yellow in a sea of blue 💛

Running to the bus stop two or three minutes earlier than time gives you the gap to take in November. 

Or more exactly the November chill . You would quip right about now , “what November chill ?” This is India and like much of everything here there is no chill with people as well as the weather  .

So while that thought makes a complete revolution around  your mind let me fill in more deets .

November chill. Right 

It’s the one chill that I won’t complain about because it tells me in careless warning about how near December looms . 

And how much I psych myself about Christmas all year around , saddled for some disappoint one way or another. 

But nonetheless, praying to the one above that I don’t wander away from the main point of this blogpost like I wander away from everything else that is significant I am going to get on with it .

Now this post has been misleading so far because is not concerned with christmas or the weather . 

I will deal with those topics later with much more pomp and show . 

 THIS particular Monday experiencing the slight but abstract November chill got me reminiscing about the happenings from two days ago .

Saturday . 

When I went for an audition .

Mind you , I’ve been staying away from that part of my interests for two or three years to focus more on school. 

Which is what every other wannabee in the industry would say but what can one do ,if you all are adamant and ache to be St. Thomases.  ( Hes the one who won’t believe unless he sees it for him selves ) 

 I hadn’t attented an audition for  2 or 3 years now nor had I been in front of the camera unless you count and care to check my friends phone then my claim would be quite the contrary. 

But in hopes that you get what I mean I am yet again going to get on with it like we do everyday no matter what happens or which side of bad karma we happen to find ourselves in . 

Let’s not get into the reasons of my sabbatical from showing up at auditions but rather let me tell you something else that is way better to bear than the stupefying antics  of your blogger throughout the years . 

Let’s save that for another blogpost prolly six months from now because that is the kind of consistency am showing 😂. 

So walking to the bus stop made me think about this instance. 

 as I was waiting outside the studio I got to thinking how I got here . 

Not that here is a huge deal . 

More in the likes of how I got into this scene . 

And that went all the way back to 2012 

My first pageant okay it can’t exactly be called a pageant more like a smiling competition. 

Yeah save the laughs for later cause I am not kidding . 

My mom loved entering me into all this and I love her for it because of all the exposure and the most rad people you get to meet .

Looking back I can’t for the love of God imagine why she’d enter me for a smiling contest cause

  • A) I didn’t not possess the obvious set of perfect teeth needed to win . 
  • B) had no clue about the happenings or what I am supposed to do 
  • C) the obvious case of vampire teeth

But against all odds I got through it and even bagged best smile and won the contest. 

I still remember the day I walked into the MG road event . Loads of kids and their eager parents sprawling all over the place . 

And between rounds parents even went out shopping for their kids to change .

Now my mom being my mom wouldn’t have any of that . Even with me wailing that I’d have the same outfit and won’t get in . 

But she told me this ” moley , if you have the talent and the fervour nothing else matters especially not the way you dress”

I was my mother’s daughter and as adamant as her and I told her I am going to lose this round because of this . 

But like always my mother wins and her stand never topples over . 

I can still see her smugly smiling when I got the crown and the sachet and my first ever modelling contract. 

Yes that’s how I got here . 

Moley, if you’ve got the talent and the fervour nothing else matters especially not your outfit . 

Now this may seem invalid because what does fervour and talent have anything to do with a smiling contest. 

But TBH you and  I both know that if how appealing my smile was the only factor I soooo would not have won . 

But in light of all the events and contests and pageants I’ve entered and won most time and others not . 

I can tell you this . The very contest title can be misleading . 

See a smiling contest’s sole criteria isn’t your smile .

It was about how confident you are in your own skin or in my case exactly how much I could flaunt my vampire teeth 😂and turn what I considered to be a disadvantage to an advantage. 

And with the secretion of confidence automatically all of your other features and talents lighten up . 

Now let me associate that wiht the real world. 

What I want to say is . 

In this millennium where all people are concerned primarily about is how they dress and how to fit into a certain image that is considered ‘cool’ or ‘in’ or ‘it’ we don’t think twice about altering ourselves to fit into that certain social class . 

Not being confident enough in your own skin and how you are to an extent where you don’t even think twice about altering yourself   

Altering out those special characters and features that makes you , you . 

I mean nobody else in the world would have that characteristic of yours but you would willfully part ways with it just to be like everyone else . 

Why ? 

Why fit in when you can stand out.  

So my advise to you would be to turn the tables and make maximum use of the qualities you think are disadvantages to advantages . 

Don’t imitate a jenner or aspire to be a Kardashian . 

Don’t have the want to switch lifes with Gigi or Adriana . 

Don’t go for lipo shots and nose jobs just because it doesn’t align . 

Not aligning to the otherwise seemingly perfect exterior is the beauty of it .

( Also if you don’t have atleast one cute feature how else will I make names for it and possibly love it more than I love you) 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 

Why in the world would you want to put yourself in a place where you were never meant to be.