The importance of NOW 💑

Jayalalitha died today . 

And the SAME media and press which she wrote of as being and I quote ‘unjust and unfair’ to her was telecasting programmes and re-telecasting interviews singing her praises and overall emphasising on the loss of an iconic woman in politics . Who was a white brahmin woman in a Dravidian party becoming the chief minister of a patriarchal society . 

Truly remarkable yet the media had mostly portrayed her in a bad light but now that she’s dead all you can see in every channel is remorse which is essential and appreciating and remembering her work for the state. 

Which makes me wonder if a person has to be dead or in a critical condition for us to appreciate them ? For us to not focus on the bad things they have done just for once and focus on the good ? 

Am not emphasising on this person as such but in general if you observe that seems to be the trend . 

We tend write of a person for the one mistake they make and not even take a moment to appreciate maybe the 100 things they’ve done right. 

Am not saying that appreciating the dead for the good they did is wrong but rather trying to say that maybe appreciating them while they’re still alive and kicking will go a longer way in their happiness and yours . 

While jayalalitha may or may not have thrived on seeing all the hullabaloo the media is making of her life now in a very positive note , because she was never bothered by what they thought of her and her actions . 

Us on the other hand can make people’s days just by thanking and appreciating them for the things they have done for us not for praises in return but rather for a attaining an inner joy that can’t be explained until we indulge in the act of thanking ourselves . 

I mean these people do love they stuck around for a reason when many left so it’s not asking much to do random acts of love and appreciation.

In this age of #freethnipple and other trending hashtags to bring in social changes let’s free the love that comes from being grateful . 

I fail to understand why people are reluctant to appreciate their fellow beings for the help and support they’ve rendered.  

Does the act of making people smile by being thankful and showing gratefulness cause you so much embarrassment or downfall ? 

Does showing love for the people you do love make life harder and add to your burden and accumulate more stress to your life ? 

No . 

But even then we are reluctant . 

That’s why it’s refreshing and elating to see how ready Instagram users are when activities like direct messaging a number and giving an honest opinion about a person has everyone flaunting their appreciative side out and taking time to appreciate thier friends and family and strangers who progressed into being friends after this , thanking even people they’ve never met for simple things like liking their pictures and commenting and so on and so forth . 

Which is why I for one dived into this and abused by Instagram stories to such an extend that there were so many teeny tiny dots persisting at the top of my screen . 

I don’t know about everyone but honestly it felt super nice and it does feel good to be reminded that you’re appreciated and loved and so maybe it is essential to sometimes show love out in the world for everyone to see not that not showing love means that love isn’t present , but who knows maybe your single act of love and great fullness  can make someone’s day and life a little better and enable them to continue on this hard journey we call life . 

Because let’s face it the life’s tough so all these little acts act as soothing ailments . 

That is why NOW is important.  It is  so important that we tell people we love them and appreciate them NOW not when they’re dead or dying but NOW . 

Because If you don’t then they’ll never know . why would you choose to deny this very simple and inexpensive pleasure to your person or people ? 

Worst case scenario is that they’ll think you’re comical or out of your mind or wierd for suddenly pouring out all this but isn’t it okay being called those adjectives which we often deem fit to call others and ourselves because you’re surprising someone with this sudden dose of love ? 

And being called those things itself says a lot about how uncommon it is among people to appreciate and show love for each other that by doing so you’re wierd and suddenly care too much . 

So let’s make it a common practice to appreciate and show love to such an extend that people like me and others don’t need to write blogposts like this to egg you on every now and again to indulge in this very simple but rewarding act . 

This is the importance of now . 

And now being December only adds more to the immediacy xD don’t we all need to add more cheer to the holiday season and be reasons for people’s happiness?

I’ll let you figure that one out yourself.

Because like the songs and dialogues from famous movies have been telling us for decades . 

NOW is all we have . 😉
RIP to puratchi thalivi jayalalitha. 

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Because like I said the simplest acts are the ones that make you feel the most loved and encouraged  .


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