There are some people you meet and you just know , know that you’ll click and be around for quite a while . 

So what do you do for the birthdays of these people who mean so much to you ? 

You devote entire blog posts to them . 

So here chauhan is your birthday blog post . Because the world needs to know the rivalry as you keep saying . 

But what is the rivalry between us ? I still have no idea , maybe it’s the rivalry of who surprises the other , the most . For which you’ll stay winner for a long time to come . 

Happy birthday chauhan 🎂you were undoubtedly one of the best things about kendriya vidyalaya . 

At least now let me call you bhaiya , because you have a girlfriend now na , JK I can’t decipher all that Hindi you’d throw at me again , from the last time I suggested the same . 

Happy birthday🎂 , you are now turning legal . Time for us to do illegal shit . I know you hate physics and that your mind is more literaryily inclined than you can admit to but you have to get through this and don’t worry ill pep talk you through it .  

Happy birthday chauhan🎂 , thank you for picking up the pieces of whatever I throw at you and for always being there no matter the time and who you are with . 

Happy birthday chauhan🎂, thank you for existing and making life better . 

Happy birthday chauhan🎂 , am going to one up you this birthday , your book will reach you by April cause if I send it to you now then boards toh pakka gaya . 

Toh mere dosth , shukre guzar hain bhagwan se ki thum jaisa lambu mil gaye zindagi ki dard hasee mazak ke sath jaleney ke liye . 🍧

Asha kartha hoon ki tujhse bahut jaldi mulakat ho kyunki hamey bohot sarey cheez karna hain na? Isliye shanth raho picture abhi bhi bohot bakhi hain 😉


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