Sitting alone in a cafe at prime time , meaning 3 to 5 , when you’re surrounded by couples and office guys strategizing marketing techniques and getting judgy looks from the guy behind the counter for your state of solidarity makes one highly aware of how lonely they might seem . 

So how come you don’t feel lonely when you travel was my first question to her , now answering through voice recording over our staple mode of communication,whatsapp . 

“See that’s the thing ” she says “you are never lonely , you’re with your thoughts and yourself even when others perceive you to be completely alone and you learn to make a bond with your soul ” . The she mentioned here is rafiya sherin a 20 year old Muslim girl ,who had intrigued from the very start when I read a piece on her by a local daily , more than her passion for travelling it was her roots that encroached me , hailing from a very rural part of malapuram district in Kerala and a member of an orthdox Muslim family , solo travel especially a girl travelling alone is unheard of in her village . 


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