Tryst with Rese 🤐(reservation system) 

In the corridor of the oldest kids in school , there was a class full of hypocrites . 

These beings perched on the desks and benches with hypocrisy spewing out each time they opened their mouth causing disruption to an entire floor . 

What was the cause of this ? 

The humanists who once advocated reservation of seats when they learned about affirmative action-taken by the government to makeup for the years of injustice done to the ST and SCs communities- last year in political science . 

The very same bunch of kids who inhabited the same body ,brain ,consciences as they  and learning as they had last year except for sitting in a different class and on a different floor with their futures and college admissions looming closer with each month , these ones who were awoke with sentiments and sympathy who vouched and debated for the reservation system had now turned against it . 

 For the first time in their life they understood the consequence of the cut off list and how being a general or upper section of the society is gonna be a setback for a class of kids who seldom experienced any setbacks in their 14 years of education . 

And how for once being privileged is an underprivilege . 

See reservation I’ve come to know is like that good friend of yours , you know the one you say hi to in the hallways and often smile at and make great small talk . But who is not your best friend and who you’ll never hang out with unless you have a choice . So when your best friends are not there , it’s just you and ol’boy rese (reservation) and then when you get to know him more you understand that he’s not that great , that in fact whilst being buddy buddy with you in the hallways he was actually plotting against you the entire time . 

From afar everything looks like rainbow , gold and cupcakes but its only when you get up close and personal do you understand that the gold was just yellow glitter , the rainbows where the product of an animals nether regions and those sprinkles on the cupcake was actually algae acting up . 

While my classmates and I are gonna learn the hard way about the perils of our once much loved reservation system and pay the price of the moral debts our forefathers incurred-oppressing the SC and STs to such an extent that a support system had to be constructed-I hope the you guys don’t forget the header image of this blog and the solemn message it contains . 

SO to all the clickers who thought this was about reese cups and ended up sourly disappointed just like how Indian general category students feel after looking at the cut off list . 

The rese mentioned here is a less chocolatey and very hard to digest form of its chocolate counterpart which is a relief and comfort to many . 


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